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Vitiligo can be easily diagnosed by an experienced doctor or ay physician who has been experienced about the disorder and its symptoms. Thereafter, they go through the series of medical history and physical tests that is to be conducted after the symptoms start showing up.

vitiligo factsThe doctor asks a series of questions and inquires about the problem and about the symptoms. The disorder usually starts with red rashes on the exposed skin or through sunburn. It can also happen due to any skin problem that might happen or any stress or physical illness.

The doctor performs many tests and physical examinations to exclude any other type of medical disorders that might occur. These tests include taking a small sample of the affected skin that is required to be examined.

It also includes blood test because blood tests also helps in detecting other kind of medical issues that might be the patient is going through. It also includes an eye exam that detects the problem precisely and the infection that might pass on a disease to the area around eyes.

The treatment of vitiligo makes the skin properly even and uniform from all aspects. The treatment depends on the extent of problem that you are going through and many various other reasons like:

  • The extent of white patches on the skin.
  • How extensive the patches are spread on the skin.
  • The shade of the skin.
  • The type of treatment that is preferred by the patient.

The treatments are not appropriate for everyone and it also comes up with severe side effects sometimes. It can take a long time and many times these methods don’t even work. The options that are available nowadays are either medical or surgical.

It also involves other treatments which are mostly aimed at restoring the color of the skin and removing the white patches completely. The medical treatments include the following options:

  • Creams and ointments that you apply on the skin.
  • Medicines that you swallow.
  • Treatment using medicines involving ultraviolet light.
  • Removing the color of skin from all the other areas so that they can match the white patches of your skin.
  • Surgical treatments that involves removing the tissue of one person and attaches it to another person’s body. This treatment is carried out on person that is affected by the disorder with small patches.
  • Certain cosmetics are also helpful in the area.

If you would like a vitiligo diet plan then you can just search on your favorite engine and you will find out exactly what type of foods are beneficial to your condition.



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