What Are The Best Oral Only Cycles For Bulking?

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Dec 072018

One of the major attractions of taking oral steroids is their convenience. With orals you don’t have to mess around with needles.

Regular injections can be hassle as well as painful and unsurprisingly this puts a lot of guys off from using steroids in the first place.

In fact, oral anabolic steroids are more suitable for beginners because they don’t have to use injections, which takes a while to get the hang off.

However, oral steroids can be harsh on the liver due to the way they are structured, which allows them to pass through the liver.

Unfortunately, oral steroids such as dianabol can increase liver enzymes which is why Dbol should only be used in a oral cycle for a maximum of 6 weeks.

Its important to understand, that an oral only cycle is not going to magically add 20 pounds of lean muscle on your body, unless your already skinny and have not lifted weights before.

The 3 Best Oral Only Cycles for Increasing Bulk

The best steroids to use in a cycle for increasing mass would be:

  1. Anavar
  2. Dianabol
  3. Winstrol

Lets Take a closer look at each one:

Anavar Only Cycle

Oxandrolone is considered to be one of the mildest anabolic oral steroids in terms of side effects. The drug is well tolerated by most, especially women and anavar is often referred as the ladies steroid.

However, men can also experience good results, but don’t expect massive gains in size with anavar. It will not bulk you up like dbol, however the gains that you do get are solid lean gains.

Due to its profile, an anavar only cycle is best used for cutting purposes. Many bodybuilders use anavar during off season to help them preserve their gains.

Anavar is fast acting DHT anabolic oral compound with impressive lean mass preservation and increased metabolic potential.

An anavar Only Cycle For Women athletes is very popular because its relatively safe with mild side effects compared to other oral compounds. Although rare, virilization can effect certain women when using the steroid.

In terms of dosage levels, 60 to 100 milligrams per day is suitable for most men to see some gains. For women, the most suitable anavar dose is between 10 and 20 milligrams a day. In most cases an anavar cycle should run for four to six weeks.

As pointed out, anavar gains are not huge, however the biggest benefit is that you will get some gains with little to no side effects.

Dianabol Oral Only Cycle

A Dbol only cycle will produce the biggest gains in size over the other two oral only cycles. However, it also has the potential to cause the most side effects depending on how well you can tolerate it. Be on the look out for water retention that can give you that bloated look. There is also the risk of gyno and acne.

In terms the dbol dose, the most popular is between 20 to 30 mgs of dianabol per day. Those with more experience may wish to increase the dose to around 50 mgs a day. You can take the dose in one go or split the tab and take half in the morning and the remaining half in the evening.

Dbol can be very harsh on the liver, therefore a dianabol only cycle should be run for a maximum of 6 weeks, preferably 4 weeks.

Warning: Many consider that dbol is not a suitable to be taken on its own because it suppresses the bodies natural production of testosterone. For more details about using a dbol cycle click here.

Winstrol Only Cycle

Arguably, winstrol (Stanozolol) has the mildest of the three oral anabolic androgenic steroids listed here. For one thing, winstrol does not aromatise therefore, gyno and water retention is not an issue.

However, Winstol can increase the risk of elevated cholesterol levels, especially LDL which is your bad cholesterol. As with Dbol, winstrol can also be toxic to the liver, therefore a liver support is recommended to be taken during the cycle.

For best results a winstrol dosage of between 50 to 100 milligrams a day is recommended by most. Run the cycle for 4 to 6 weeks.

Its important to repeat, oral steroids cycles should be run for no longer than 6 weeks due to the adverse effects on the liver and the bodies natural testosterone levels.

For these same reasons, you should also run a PCT at the end of each oral cycle to minimize effects and re-balance your hormonal system.

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What To Expect When Buying A Shark Vacuum

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Mar 012018

Are you tired of using a basic vacuum cleaner that does not work as efficiently as you want it to? You may have to run it over the carpeted floors repeatedly to see any difference at all. If you would rather use something powerful enough to get the job done, you may want to consider investing in a shark vacuum. There are several different models to choose from, and it is best to choose the one that meets your needs the most. We found some good advice at: https://showhomestyle.com.


There are options for both carpeted floors and hardwood floors, allowing you to remove as much dirt as possible while enjoying a clean and comfortable home. Many of the shark vacuums are lightweight, weighing about eight pounds or slightly more than that. It is better to have a lightweight vacuum than to have one that is bulky and heavy because then it becomes more difficult for you to use it on a daily basis. It would be even harder to lift it up and down the stairs to start vacuuming different rooms in the home. (We have a full list of the best vacuum cleaners for stairs right here.)

Although the shark vacuums are known for being powerful and effective enough to lift plenty of dirt and dust from the floors, there are also a number of attachments that can be used with them for additional cleaning power. After all, if you are going to spend time vacuuming in an attempt to get those floors clean, you are going to reach all areas and do the best job you possibly can. There is an attachment designed specifically for pet owners who deal with the hassle of pet hair on their floors and furniture each day. Are you searching for the best Shark vacuum?

If you are a pet owner, you obviously love your animal and do not want to get rid of it, but the hair can get overwhelming at times. The mini motorized pet brush attachment helps to pick up and remove even the most difficult hairs that are left behind from your pet. As a result, your floors will look even cleaner and your home will smell better too.

The under appliance wand is another convenient attachment that many shark vacuum owners seem to enjoy. The attachment allows you to reach under all kinds of areas, including television stands, couches and tables. Instead of moving all of your furniture to one side of the room and them moving it back to its original spot to get the best clean possible, you can simply place this attachment onto the vacuum cleaner and easily place it under the furniture.

There are even a few different crevice tools that help you reach some of the most difficult areas. It makes sense to use these attachments with your vacuum cleaner because then you can make sure that your home is absolutely spotless. Why mess around with one of those vacuum cleaners that do not lift up much dirt and cause more of a hassle? Save time while keeping your home completely clean by using a shark vacuum of your choice with additional attachments.

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Hi there! This is Chris De Luca and Thank you For Showing Up!

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Feb 252018

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

My name is Chris De Luca and I wanted to welcome you to my blog!

This is my personal space, my own place on the digital world where I would like to share some of the greatest things I find while browsing only.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography, but I think I have a healthy interest in a lot of other topics like Health, Wealth, Relationships, Social Issues and so on. If it’s interesting, I’m on it!

So I want you to keep updating with what is going on in this planet. This is gonna be kind of my personal log where I post about current events and some unusual news here and there.

Thank you for stopping by!


By the way way, have you ever wondered? What’s worse? Jellyfish vs Stingray sting

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Exercising While Taking Gynectrol To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

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Jun 162017

Flat chest with GynectrolGynectrol is said to be a very effective way of reducing the breast enlargement of men. Gynecomastia or in simple words Man Boobs is what you call this kind of condition. It is said that a large percentage of the male population have this condition. The puffy and fat breasts of a man are the usual characteristics of Gynecomastia. Men, during and after their puberty stage start to develop muscles around the breast area.

The hormones enable the tissues to grow behind the nipples. This type of condition, the Man Boobs is commonly present with men who are overweight Most men who have Gynecomastia would want to get rid of it even though the condition is not considered a health treat. Firmer and flatter chests are what every man in this world would want to have.

Gynectrol is a hundred percent made of herbal components and an all-natural supplement. Strict laboratory methods and procedures were followed during the production of this drug. The pill intake will normally take weeks to months and is administered three times daily. With the proper intake of the pills and instructions strictly followed, the results can already be noticed on the first six weeks of medication.

Gynectrol from Crazy BulkTo achieve better results, the Gynectrol should be taken religiously for six months. But this kind of breast condition in men can not be treated by just the pill alone. Being overweight is the primary cause of Gynecomastia and if the man does not have enough self discipline to change his eating habits, then the use of Gynectrol will be useless. Even just the proper dieting and the correct body exercises can already treat and eliminate unwanted fats in the man’s breast area and the pill may not be necessary anymore. It actually only takes muscle firming to get rid of Gynecomastia.

Though Gynectrol is claimed to be a hundred percent herbal supplement, there were reported minor side effects of the pill. Some men who had taken Gynectrol had developed irritation of the stomach. That is why taking it is not at all advised to people who already have stomach ailments.

Dryness of the mouth is also another side effect of the supplement. Even though there is not an ailment reported to be connected with the symptom, it can be very uncomfortable. It is absolutely recommended that before deciding to use Gynectrol , a proper medical advise from the doctor must be asked first.

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Getting best and safest results for women Anavar cycles

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Mar 202017

One of the mildest steroids during rounds in the market today is Anavar. While most of male bodybuilders like to use this drug as a staple in their cutting cycles, it can be really helpful for women who can use it as a bulking agent. Women cycles are an easy procedure to follow and when done properly, they can bring in some impressive results to the users.

anavar for women

The good thing with this kind of steroid is that it comes with little risk of severe side effects. The reason why this drug is referred to as testosterone for women is because it is very effective in building muscles for ladies. However, they key for this outcome is a proper dosage and cycle length which will bring you a solid lean muscle gain.

Why many women have chosen Anavar?

Even though most men have a wide range of anabolic steroids from which they can choose from to melt away fat or get a muscle gain, women are not very lucky when it comes to selection. There are only a few steroids out there which can be safe and also produce effective results for women. This is the reason why most women will go for Anavar. With this steroid, one will not experience virilization like other steroids. However, for this to be realized, one has to consume the drug responsibly.

Expectations during Anavar women cycles

When it comes to fat in body, females can boost of more of this than male counterparts. This is because Estrogen is more dominant in women and also their hormones play a big role in creation of more fat deposits below the skin and around organs. When women use Anavar, they can be able to gain more muscle mass while at the same time melting away the body fat. Even if there are diets which can be used by women to lose their weight, this would also affect their muscle mass. However, with Anavar, building muscle and preserving it is done simultaneously.

Best cycles for women

Among the best cycles for women include cutting and then using Anavar as base. For the first week, one will need to take 10mg per day of Anavar followed by 20mcg per day of clenbuterol. For both week 2 and 3, Anavar should be 10mg with 40mcg of clenbuterol for a single day. Week 4 should also have 10mg of this drug combined with 60mcg of clenbuterol. Week 5 should have 10mg of the steroid, 60mcg of clenbuterol and 10mg of Nolvadex. Both week 6 and 7 should have 10mg of Anavar, 80mcg of clenbuterol and 10mg of Nolvadex. Week 8 should have 10mg per day of Anavar, 100mcg of clenbuterol and 10mg of Nolvadex per day.

As mentioned previously, Anavar is not really a bulking agent for men but rather for women. For those who want to gain muscle mass during the off-season, then Anavar is really the choice for you.

See this article on anavar for women and all the benefits it holds, this is reviewed by https://www.muscleinfozone.com


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Which Are The Most Important Wedding Elements

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Feb 162017

You don’t need to receive your dress per week or a day prior to your wedding just to find out they’ve sent you someone else’s gown! Wedding dresses can be rather an expense. Look at a bridesmaid dress, which costs under a wedding dress but have the potential to still fit your wants.

When you go searching for your wedding dress, think away from the box and appear at dresses that aren’t typically considered wedding dresses. Affordable wedding dresses that appear very expensive are readily available. Expensive searching affordable wedding dresses are available online in nearly any style, gown silhouette, color, and price point you’re on the lookout for.

Have some faith in different individuals that will help you plan your wedding. Your wedding is among the greatest and biggest days of your life…so you need to receive it right! Should you be opting for an official wedding, use fonts which look elegant. A A little wedding would offer you the chance to splurge a little more on your flowers, to have a lush and lovely setting. Weddings are extremely emotional, so you could desire a bigger role in its planning. There’s something very special about arranging a wedding that has ties to your community.

Brides are constantly looking for wedding ideas. It is among those basic things a bride can do that is really going to boost the elegance of style of her wedding. The bride will certainly would like to find methods to make her wedding ensemble more green, too. Whichever you select, the wedding favors should occur after the theme.

On these days, it looks like everyone is searching for techniques to produce their weddings more eco-friendly. Undeniably, a wedding that is designed Wayne and Shannon wedding around an extremely special geometric motif is certain to be somewhat sophisticated and fashionable. Maybe you are arranging a gay or lesbian commitment ceremony and you’re uncertain what the crucial elements are to the ceremony.

Wedding ring designs vary from the standard and contemporary, to unique and personalized. A great deal of wedding ring designs are produced from 18k gold jewelry because it is famous for its durability. According to tradition, wedding ring designs utilize 18k gold jewelry that’s the reason most couples settle on this choice.

Often called the most critical day of your lifestyle,” your wedding day needs to be perfect and precisely what you imagined it to be. Now it’s time to go looking for designer-looking, but inexpensive wedding dresses! It proves out in order to become outstanding location for your wedding. It’s the perfect location for your lovely wedding party.

As more and more people elect for fresh and enjoyable beach weddings instead of sticking to the usual ones, the ideas for wedding cakes also have undergone a transformation. Your specific tips for wedding favours can well locate a direction inside this path. Choosing wedding ring designs are sometimes a challenging endeavor. You need to ensure that your selection of flowers for the cake aren’t toxic or sprayed with pesticides.

There are finally some trendy and environmentally responsible choices for wedding invitations. An intelligent option of wedding accessories can produce a fantastic difference on the whole appeal of your distinctive celebration. It is possible to find several choices to select from without struggling your financial plan.

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What makes the best juicer?

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Jan 172017

diet decisiion

Take it to be a style whenever you go shopping. Everybody got a best style that matches his/her lifestyle. Nobody wants to buy something that will only bring frustration. In any case, joy is what you expect from someone who just bought a dream appliance. Are you planning to buy a juicer? Everybody is trying to grab one due to the trending campaigns regarding the many health benefits. There are many juicer types out there though. Not one of them can be said to be bad. They are all best when used by the right people. Take it as a personal thing and you will be able to find your best juicer. What features matters most to you? It’s your call, get on with it, but I will help you though. Consider several of these factors.

How much noise?

Chewing of raw foods comes with some level of noise. You hear the crunchiness inside your mouth with hard foods. In the same way, a juicer is trying to digest the hard veggies and fruits turning them to their simplest form. Some noise will have to be produced especially with the many revolutions and rotations of the auger. Some brands can be really noisy. If you hate noise like I do, you need a juicer that considers that. Fast juicers are known for the loud noise production when at work. Slow ones go slow on the ears though. Probably the best for a noise hater!

Cleaning purposes

Anything used to prepare human food requires cleaning like the utensils do. It’s the best thing to do to keep germs off our meals. Cleaning has been done manually for long until recently. The dish washer makes it automatic and simple for you. If you have a dishwasher with you, let it be at work to clean the juicer too. Unfortunately, not all juicers are compatible with that. Some are safe and others will get damaged. That should tell you what feature to look for in your best juicer.

How long do you have to wait?

Some of us are real busy forks.  Others like to take their time because they have plenty of it. If you don’t mind waiting to have the best juice at the morning, slow juicers are your best. If you need to be out of the house ASAP, fast juicers are waiting for you.

Juice quality

Sometimes, it’s not the quality of the juicer that does matter, it’s the quality of the end product; the juice. Some juicers especially the fast ones will rush over the crashing job to obtain only the watery juice. Truly, patience pays. Slow juicers take their time to squeeze out all the nutrients into the juice. You can throw away the pulp content without bothering a thing. The juice is also thicker. That’s a signal of richness in nutrients.

We have found a good source of information that we think you would love to read that can add value to what we have shared above about juicing. In this article best masticating juicers reviews, you will see all the features and benefits a juicer should have

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Use of vitamins and lifestyle changes for lowering cholesterol

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Nov 142016

High cholesterol is a very common problem. Since high cholesterol can lead to heart disease and at worst case death by heart attack, it is important to do all that you can to lower your cholesterol. In some cases lowering your cholesterol can mean the difference between life and death.

Niacin supplement benefitsHere are some tips for lowering cholesterol as well as what heart disease symptoms you should be looking for.

If you are interested in naturally lowering cholesterol, it is important to keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is key. Diet is one of the biggest factors that contributes to how high or low your cholesterol is. Decreasing the amount of trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol that is in the foods that you eat will help lower your cholesterol.

What this means is you will want to eliminate or reduce the amount of fast food and junk food that you eat. Also reduce the amount of red meats and poultry that you eat. Instead, eat healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Exercise is also important when it comes to lowering cholesterol. Try to come up with a regular cardio exercise routine that you enjoy, whether it consists of aerobic dance or swimming or any one of dozens of fun exercise routines you can undertake.

Certain factors, such as your gender and age, may also contribute to your cholesterol. Finally, keep in mind that a medical condition or a medication that you may be on can also cause your cholesterol to be high.

Changing your eating habits is one thing but adding some effective supplements may help too. It is proved that some vitamins like niacin can help lower your bad cholesterol. Therefore it is important to find the best niacin supplement that would be effective for that treatment. Some supplements like Niacin Max are proven to help increase blood flow and therefore are benefitial for many cardiac related ailments.

The reason that high cholesterol can lead to heart disease is because it causes plaque to build up in the arteries, which blocks regular blood circulation. Some of the heart disease symptoms that you should watch out for include an irregular heartbeat, a shortness of breath, nausea, indigestion or heartburn, dizziness, sweating and pain or discomfort that affects the chest, arm, breastbone or back.

Benefits of healthy dietIf you experience one or more of these heart disease symptoms, it is in your best interest to visit the doctor.

As you can see, there are some very basic steps that you can take to lower your cholesterol, such as eating healthier and exercising more. The most important thing is to listen to your doctor. If you have any existing medical conditions or medications, be sure to find out if they may be the cause of your high cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol is a very important key to reducing your risk of heart disease and should not be taken lightly.

And of course there are companies dedicated to finding natural and organic solutions to management of high cholesterol levels. If you are unable to succeed using those methods above, but are concerned about using drugs to lower your cholesterol levels then there are very good solutions you can find to manage your cholesterol naturally.

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What do people want to know about gynexol?

 Health  Comments Off on What do people want to know about gynexol?
Jul 012016

Time is gone where people would buy and use products blindly. In the modern days, clients want more understanding about every single product before they can bring it into their lives. This has become essential especially with online business where the user has no inspection rights before purchase. What remains is for them to investigate about the product and get the finest details to never regret. It’s a way of building confidence.

Gynecomastia treatment products are mostly sold online. Gynexol is one of the trending products for the job. It is true that the cream works. People can believe by reading online content or word of mouth. They have to go ahead and enquire about certain things. Here are the commonly asked questions in line with their appropriate answers.

  • How do I use it?

Ideally, the gynexol is a cream. It means that you have to smear it on your breasts. Direct contact is required so as the nutrients can pass through the skin into the breast cells underneath. Only then will they be able to facilitate fat burning. After application, make sure that you massage the breasts thoroughly for this reason. Also, don’t apply the cream on a dry and dirty skin. It is best when applied after a shower. Then, the skin is moist and ready to receive the cream. In addition, application once won’t work. You have to do it repeatedly for a period suitable to your healing. Make it a routine until such a time when you can say, it’s over.

  • How much will cost me?

Modern times are not the best in economics. People are too many and having enough cash for ones needs alone is almost impossible. With the mention of this working gynexol cream, people want to know how much it will cost them to grab one. That makes sense with modern times. It’s rare that you will find gynexol being sold in offline shops. Online shops is the place to have these creams. The ideal price for the cream is usually $79.95. The quantity will be enough to take you through the month. If you need two tubes, you will have to pay $138.95. Three tubes will cost you $193.85. Each goes for a month.

  • Is it working?

People still ask this question. It is best when left unanswered for the clients to find out on their own. That’s because chances are that they won’t believe me even if I keep repeating the whole truth. For this question, read the online reviews here. See the before and after images too. But the truth is, many claim it does. What do you say yourself?

  • Can I trust the cream?

People fear introducing aliens on their skins. Gynexol is not by any chance an alien. It’s made of friendlies which are natural ingredients. Expect side effects not.

If you are looking for breast reduction for men, and want the latest and reliable news, then read John’s site called themanlyzone.com

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Difference Between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Boosters

 Health  Comments Off on Difference Between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Boosters
Feb 112016

What is Testosterone?

benefits of testosteroneTestosterone is the male sex hormone. Although found in the bodies of both men and women, it is what makes a man look, feel, and act more manly. In women, the level of testosterone in their bodies plays a significantly reduced role especially when compared to estrogen. That’s why you don’t see those typical manly features appearing on their body. In more basic terms, testosterone is the male sex hormone that is required for the overall sexual and reproductive development of men.


What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone is an important hormone for men, and it actually influences and affects many different parts of a man’s overall well-being. A testosterone deficiency can cause something called Hypogonadism.  Men who suffer from this problem have very little strength, almost no enthusiasm, feel tired constantly, poor concentration and very low sex drive. Such men need to increase their testosterone levels to help them get better. This is usually done in consultation with the doctor and is known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It includes the use of doctor prescribed gels, testosterone patches, testosterone injections, etc. Tremendous improvement has been noticed in patients suffering from Hypogonadism after going through testosterone replacement therapy.


What are Testosterone Boosters?

testosterone boosters

A testosterone booster is a natural supplement made of one or more ingredients that have been studied and scientifically proven to help the body produce more of its own testosterone – naturally. These are mostly used by older men, athletes and body builders to increase libido, energy and stamina or to focus on building muscle mass and increase strength. Natural testosterone boosters are meant to help you get the desired sex drive and sculpted body as well as improve your overall health and well-being.  All the things in a man’s body where testosterone plays an integral role are all the reasons why men gravitate to testosterone boosters.


What’s The Difference Between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Boosters?

The main points of difference between testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone boosters are:

  • Testosterone boosters are designed to facilitate the production of more testosterone by a man in his own body rather than having external testosterone put into his body.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy is an exogenous treatment under the medical supervision of a doctor in which outside or foreign testosterone is introduced into the male body.
  • Test boosters are not prescription drugs whereas replacement therapy is –testosterone boosters are available over the counter and require no prescription and supervision from a doctor.
  • In case of testosterone replacement therapy, a doctor’s supervision is a must and only the method advised by them can be utilized for the therapy. Usage of doctor prescribed method is to be followed as per their instructions only.
  • Replacement therapy is specifically prescribed for the medical condition of Hypogonadism, whereas testosterone boosters can be used by any man for a variety symptomatic reasons which all lead back to the real or perceived notion that they need more testosterone in their body.
  • Comparatively speaking, testosterone boosters are a much cheaper route to explore than testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy is a costly procedure as it requires concentrated doses of expensive external sources of testosterone. Also, since it’s an actual medical condition, it requires the assistance of a qualified doctor as well. Therefore, the overall cost of replacement therapy is quite high by comparison.
  • Boosters will also take a bit longer to exhibit results whereas replacement therapy will demonstrate almost immediate positive results. Testosterone boosters are to be taken over a period of time before one sees real results. That’s because you are re-equipping your body with what it needs so that it can generate more of its own natural testosterone for the results to show.  Click here for more information.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy may get more dramatic results more quickly however, there’s a fair amount of news about the side effects of replacement therapy. There has been particular attention to men on replacement therapy having higher incident rates of heart attacks, strokes, and even death.  Not to mention the fact that one you go on replacement therapy, you have sent a signal to your body that it doesn’t need to produce more testosterone on its own and it shuts down its own production, so if or when you decide to go off of the therapy, your body will produce even less testosterone now since it shut down its own production while getting therapy.  So be prepared – if you start testosterone replacement therapy, you’re probably going to have to stay on it.
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